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The Sana G Morning Show

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Ice Cube Talks Big 3 and The Bay

Chatting With Summer Jam Artist LaRussell

Summer Jam artist and local star LaRussell is in studio with us talking about his community work, being courted by major labels, and why he turned them down. 

Prom Season

On the heels of our first ever Grown Folks Prom, we are talking prom memories from back in the day. 

Sports Drama, and Biz's Secret Revealed

We're talking the end of TikTok, the possibility of Steph leaving the Warriors, and a big secret Biz has been keeping is revealed. 

The Juice is Loose

OJ passed away, but how are we really feeling about this, Bay Area?

Diddy Predictions

Is Diddy done for? Plus, what your donut says about your personality, and this is shockingly accurate. 

Ice Cube Talks Big 3, Oakland, and Diddy

Ice Cube is with us today to talk about his Big 3 tournament that kicks off in Oakland, and his thoughts on everything going on with Diddy. 

Fight Night!

The news about Jake Paul fighting Mike Tyson live on Netflix surprised us, and we definitely have thoughts on how this is all gonna play out, but what do you think?

Tyranny Alan on Black Joy, Winky Dinky Dogs, and Bippin

The homie Tyranny pulled up to talk about the Black Joy Parade this weekend, the story of his company Winky Dinky dogs, and what we can do about the bippin problem in the Bay.

Oakland Job Coach Madelyn Mackie

Time to focus your energy on getting a job! We're talking to Oakland job coach Madelyn Mackie on best practices to get and stay employed.