Ice Cube Talks A Contract With Black America And Wealth Gap In America

Ice Cube joined DC and GBiz via zoom and reminisced about his past music and videos on the 30th-anniversary for Amerikkka's Most Wanted album. Ice Cube said he wishes he would have made more music videos back in the day but was discouraged after having his hit video for "Straight Out Of Compton" banned from being played on TV.

Raider Nation will be happy to hear Ice Cube will remain loyal to the Raiders no matter where they go and looks forward to seeing them play in Las Vegas.

Ice Cube has been trying to rally people to support his Contract To Black America. The contract is a 27 page contract that "presents a blueprint to achieve racial economic justice". He is asking for Black representation in all government investigative civil rights bodies, make Juneteenth a national holiday, and civl rights and anti racism classes for all elementary schools. The wealth gap between Black and white American's was also discussed, DC gave a great example of the wealth gap in Alameda County. You can get more information and read the whole contract here.