These Men Scammed Hotels By Posing As Wu-Tang Clan Members

These two men took "fake it to you make it" way too far.

According to WSB-TV in Atlanta, a group of men have scammed hotels out of more than $100,000 while pretending to be members of Wu-Tang Clan. The two racked up tabs over $30,000 at the Georgian Terrace hotel and Hyatt Regency in Atlanta.

No one noticed that the men were not who they said they were until someone at a hotel in Augusta reported it. The two were arrested and were revealed to be Aaron Barnes-Burpo and Walker Washington. They were charged with identity theft and conspiracy to commit wire fraud, as the credit cards they were using at hotels were stolen.

Two others in the group were reported to be homeless men from Atlanta who served as bodyguards at the request of Barnes-Burpo and Washington.

Photo: Getty Images

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