2019 Halloween Costumes

Preparations For Halloween Continue As Weekend Festivities Approach

Is it too early to talk about Halloween?

This year many Halloween stores have already set up since the last week of August.


We have been looking around a couple shops and noticed that this year is the year of TV costumes!

The top costumes on display are from the popular Netflix Series, Stranger Things. You and your crew can be the Stranger Things characters in cool vintage 80's clothing. If you don't have a crew, maybe you can scare people in the demagorgon costume that will for sure be the top seller.


We can't forget to talk about the famous Naruto anime series. This year Naruto became popular with all ages and was the center of attention when someone on Facebook said he and over thousands of people would storm Area 51 doing the famous Naruto Run.


We hope to see people celebrate and have fun this year and can't wait to see everyones creativity! If you usually make your own costume by hand, this is the perfect time to start.



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