Bobby Shmurda Speaks On His WILD Welcome Home Party... "F***ed 10" Girls!

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It looks like Bobby Shmurda had a WILD welcome home party. After serving a 6-year prison sentence for refusing to snitch on his friends, Bobby explains what his first day out of prison was like and it was filled with women!

While appearing on the 'Million Dollarz Worth Of Game' Podcast, Bobby admitted he had sex with 10 women his first night out of jail! He goes further explaining 6 of them happened on the jet and he also ate out two of them:

“I f****ed like 10 b*****s that day. I f***ed six b****es on the jet, I ate like two b****es,’” Bobby said. “Yo six years bro, six years? Ain’t nobody doing half a decade and not coming home not eating some p***y. Ima eats some p***y.”

Why did we need to know this?!! Check it out below!

Check out the full interview below!

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