Target Employee Goes Viral After Quitting On Intercom BLASTING Co-Workers

This man is next level petty! A TikToker has gone viral after publicly quitting his job at Target and calling out his coworkers on the store’s intercom. The video uploaded by Edwinpos1 has over 6 million views with over 18,000 comments from TikTok users with mixed opinions.

The video captioned, “Felt so good. F South loop. But s/o to Harvey for not tryna stop me.” with text on the video that reads, “I quit my job today.” The TikToker appears to dial into the store’s intercom and announced he quit as he went on to call out co-workers, his boss Mary, who he says, is a “sh-t boss and doesn’t give a f-ck about her employees.”

TikTok users commented with mixed reactions writing “ This is so dumb …be ‘bout it and tell them in their face …he probably ran out after this. I wanna see y’all record doing it in their face lol.” Other users enjoyed his style and celebrated his announcement writing “Leave no supervisor undragged.”

It was the “Karen a$$ Lucifer Linda” for me!

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