Popular San Francisco Bar Threatens Closing After Server Was Attacked!

Popular San Francisco gastropub, The Pink Elephant Alibi, may possibly close after one of there servers was viciously attacked for no apparent reason. The popular brunch and bottomless mimosas pub posted to Facebook blasting the attacker who allegedly attacked the waiter after he informed him their friend was throwing up in the bathroom.

Yesterday we informed the individuals in this photo that their female friend puked all over our walls and in our bathroom stall for half an hour. Instead of apologizing, the man in the yellow punched our server 25 times resulting in head trauma and swelling to our staff.
In result, 4 new rules will be initiated.
1. No group over 8 persons will be allowed at Pink Elephant.
2. Bottomless Mimosas will be raised to $40 to pay for our private investigation to sue these individuals, to compensate our employee that can no longer work and re-employ our security team.
3. Police informed us we are allowed to fight back if this happens again. Thus all staff will be carrying pepper spray and a code red will be initiated when our fam is in danger. Alarms will go off, our doors will auto-lock, our staff will head home, management will close all bills, and police cars will come in 5 minutes.
To the individuals in the photo, i was the one who gave you water when you were throwing up non-stop. I was the one who stopped the man in yellow from coming in the restroom when your top was down and your breast were exposed. Also, ladies both of you threatened to beat me up when I recorded the whole scene, and after the police arrived...you asked me for water. We are peaceful hippies that believe in bringing people together, but yesterday you broke our hearts and hurt our staff physically and mentally, whom we consider family. The victim does not want to take you to court and has already forgiven you. But, we are left with no choice as he suffers painfully from injuries because 2 of your friends punched him to the ground. We pray God helps you become a better person before justice is served.
Thank you for reading and the owners are deciding whether to close our doors for good. You smashed all the hope we had left.
We will be closed for 3 days (9/21 - 9/23) to pray for our staff and to be by his side.
Since a few amazing people want to donate to our staff that wants to remain anonymous, we will be redirecting our donation site towards him. Please write your prayers in the comment box and he will read them as he recovers!https://www.limepay.me/savepinkelephant

Although the pub has not decided whether they will remain open or not, Facebook followers have expressed their support and regret for what they experienced. One user wrote:

Praying for the servers safe and speedy recovery. This is not how people should ever act let alone during a pandemic as you remain open as a business and to serve the community during these times.
My thoughts and prayers and while I’ve never been I look forward to a future visit.

Another user followed up writing:

wow this is unbelievable! I was just here on saturday and had the best experience with max and maddie. They are so sweet and i can’t believe anyone would want to cause harm to the staff working at this establishment. i hope these disgusting people get the karma they deserve😡

The suspected attacked has not been arrested yet the waiter is still recovering from his injuries. If you'd like to donate to their crowdfunding click here! And if you have never checked out the Pink Elephant Alibi, check them out below!