Adult Film Star Mia Khalifa Says She Only Made $12000 In Her Entire Career


Fans want to know "HOW SWAY!?" Mia Khalifa, whom became extremely popular making adult films, took to Instagram to promote a new interview which she discusses what life is like trying to find work after leaving the porn industry. She goes on to say that she only made $12000 throughout her entire adult film career, leaving fans shocked wondering HOW??! She wrote:

Common misconception is that I’ve been making millions and millions from residuals for the work I did. Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, I made around $12,000 in TOTAL my entire time in the industry. It was near impossible for me to lead a normal life with a normal office job after. 2 years into trying to force normalcy I decided to change my narrative and move to Austin to try and start over. Full interview via the link in my bio. The only reason I was able to handle speaking about this so in depth is due to@megmabbott’s incredible gift of making you feel heard, seen, and not judged. Thank you also to@errichpfor the amazing editing and direction.


"To clarify, I was never promised 'millions', nor do I expect it. I'm just clarifying common misconceptions about me, and in turn, about the industry. I was involved in porn so briefly, but my actions spread like wildfire, and I continue to be ranked (truly baffles me) 5 years after leaving the industry. This is why people think I still perform," she added in an additional two tweets.


Khalifa spent three months as an adult actress before leaving the industry in early 2015. She still continues to be one of the most popular actresses. According to xHamster, she was themost searched-for adult actressin 2016, more than a year after she left the industry.

Khalifa's breakout moment was when she appeared in a scene in which she performed sexual acts while wearing a hijab. The scene was popular, though it also proved controversial.

You can watch the full interview and hear her explanation below!

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