YouTube Employee Calls Police On Black Man For “Trespassing"


It's a shame when your child has more sense than you. A man being dubbed #DoorwayDan, who allegedly works for Youtube has gone viral after calling the police on a black man who he accused of trespassing in San Francisco.

He was waiting for his friend to arrive at her San Francisco condo when he was approached by a white man who believed he was "trespassing." The scenario was captured on video and shared on Facebook by software designer Wesly Michel, escalated to the point where the white man called the police while his young son begged him to stop.

On the Fourth of July, Michel entered his friend's building just as the white man, identified as Christopher Cukor by Essence, was exiting. Cukor, who believed Michel was trespassing, had asked for his friend's name and told him to call the person from the lobby's callbox to prove he was a guest of a resident. Michel started to film the encounter briefly before Cukor dialed 911.

The allegations alone were enough to go viral, but the accusers child is crying and begging his father to leave the black man alone yet the father ignored the pleas of his child. The victim stated he was there waiting for a friend whom lived in the building and was handicapped. Yet the man who the internet identified as allegedly, Chris Cukor - a Youtube employee, refused to take him at his word and demanded he show Id. When the victim refused Cukor then called the police! Unfortunately, Cukor was there with his child and resulted with his child having an emotional breakdown begging his father to not call the police and just walk away.]

Ironically, the victims friend shows up and Cukor was forced to eat his words. Cukor then attempts to scold Wesly for using curse words in front of his child. SMDH


Ironically, shortly after the video went viral all social media accounts related to Chris Cukor were shut down. Now, the internet is demanding justice calling on Youtube to fire their employee allegedly in the video. What are your thoughts? Some believe Cukor is still traumatized from his fathers murder in Berkeley while others do not believe his personal trauma gives him the right to victimize all black men.

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