My night at The GSW Game for their Black history Celebration Tuesday Night.

I got an opportunity on Monday night to attend a Warriors game for their black history month celebration. it all started pre game as I had the opportunity to hear a Gospel Group from Antioch singing the Negro National Anthem, "Lift every Voice". They took me to church, at first the announcer introduced the choir and the crowd gave a timid applause, after the performance however they gave a loud ovation to the choir and so did I, they were excellent and sounded angelic.

After the performance, I was pumped and ready for the game, but before the warriors could play we had to sing the nation anthem. Another black choir put their own twist on the National Anthem and absolutely killed it. The night was not over, of course we had the game, the warriors were losing by the way at the half unfortunately. I got a chance to go onto the court during the halftime show to watch Pittsburgh High School's Marching Band, I actually was on the floor for all the performances that night, but let me tell you that marching band from Pittsburgh high did they thang and showed out, playing DMX songs.

In the second half the warriors went on one of their classic 3rd quarter runs and pulled away from the trailblazers and defeated Portland in the end, 123-105.

My Media Pass for the Golden State Warriors Game, as you can see they spelled my name wrong, lol

Chase Center, San Francisco

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