How Does Steve Harvey Feel About Comedians Doing Impressions of Him?

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Steve Harvey is a favorite among comedians to impersonate.

He was on Nick Cannon's talk show and gave Nick his props for being multi-media faceted.

Nick showed Steve a photo of Nick dressed as Steve for Halloween.

Steve said he saw the photo and said when someone showed it to him he said, Imma knock his a** out.

Nick mentioned comedian Godfrey who also does an impression of Steve Harvey. Steve said, I'm looking for Godfrey too and then Godfrey came out on set.

Steve jokingly said that while he had both men in the same room that as much as he wanted to knock them both out he was too old to do it and that he would have to pay someone to do it for me.

He said if he saw Nick, Kenan Thompson and Godrey in the same room he would burn the whole place down.

He did turn to Godfrey and gave him his props, that's a talented cat.

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