Shoplifter Mistakes Unmarked Police Car as Getaway Car

A woman at an Ontario, Canada outlet mall, decided to take a nice outing to pick up a few things without paying for them.

She was decked out in a pink hijab while carrying a baby seat covered with a blanket. Well, apparently the hijab got in the way of her vision.

Moments after shoplifting, she walked out and tried to get into the back of an unmarked police car, in which she mistaken as her getaway car.

To her surprise, there was an officer in the car waiting for her, following the report of an adult female shoplifter.

The 35-year-old woman was arrested for possession of stolen property and theft.

Apparently Shoplifters having incidences with police cars isn't as much of a strange thing as I thought, as I remembered this video from a few years ago that I posted below!

Gotta be more careful!



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