Who Is Keithtrick And Why Was He Trending?

Social media was buzzing on Thursday because of one name - Keithtrick.

The whole thing began on Twitter when a woman posted a picture of man's torso with his face covered up by an emoji. Allegedly, the man is named Keithtrick.

Keithtrick's girlfriend replied to the tweet saying that was her man. She could tell by the tattoos. The girlfriend also said she and Keithtrick were at the airport about to go on a trip to the Bahamas. The drama got "Keithtrick" as one of the top trends on Twitter.

There were tons of amateur detectives on social media that dug up receipts on Keithtrick including his Instagram page and tons of other posts. You really need to follow this whole thing on Twitter to get the full grasp of the foolery.



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