Mom Turns Her Son In To Police After Seeing Mugshot On The News

A mother in Tennessee turned her “disobedient, disrespectful” son over to the cops after seeing his photo on the news for an alleged attempted homie invasion robbery. The mother, Adrian Perry also apologized to the couple her son allegedly tried to rob.

Derriontay Perry was charged with two counts of aggravated assault and aggravated robbery after he tried to rob a Memphis, Tennessee homeowner. The resident’s home security camera captured the 20-year-old approaching the male resident in his attempt to rob him. You then see a woman coming out of the home with a gun and firing a warning shot into the air at Perry. He then allegedly pulled out a gun of his own and fired back at the couple.

20-year-old Perry escaped the armed couple without being harmed, but because of the footage from their security cameras was later identified as the suspect on the local news. Perry’s mother says she saw the report & immediately called 911 to hand her son over to police.

“I love him. That’s what you call tough love. Something a lot of more parents need to start doing,” the mother told reporters.

Check out a similar story below where a parent had to make the decision to turn their child in for wilding out.



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