Rapper YG Arrested For Felony Robbery!

The Big Bank Rapper, YG, has been arrested & charged with felony robbery after May incident in Vegas. Apparently YG and some of his goons beat up and robbed a man in Las Vegas this past May. Allegedly the guy asked YG for a photo and was turned down by Yg and got made and told YG he wasn't a real celeb anyways, & thats when it all went down. It appears the victim may have video evidence as well! Casino security cameras catch YG yanking the guys chain off and running, the chain eventually fell but YG was able to grab the pendant and vanish off.  YG turned himself in & was released after posting a $20K bail. The Victim is sueing for  at least $250k. 

Cuzzin Dre

Cuzzin Dre

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