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Black History Month

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The Black Men Behind Iconic Memes: Where Are They Now?

Memes -- the online sensation that leaves us in stitches or with an all-too-real revelation. Some of the internet's most popular memes feature the faces or antics of Black men. While some of these figures were popular before online stardom, others didn't utilize their meme status and continued their lives. These are the stories of how these Black men became amazing memes and where they are now.

Ted Dorfeuille, Disappointed Black Guy Meme

Now a vintage meme as of last year, Disappointed Black Guy has been embodying us for the last decade. Originating in 2011 from Tumblr user tediferous, it shows him reacting to a direct message excitedly before revealing it's just a racist slur, prompting his shocked expression of disappointment. The format has gone on to communicate anticipating something before the revelation ends up crushing their expectations.

Over ten years after its inception, the mystery man behind the meme revealed himself as Ted Dorfeuille in an exclusive interview with Know Your Meme. Now, the internet icon works as a software engineer for Reddit and runs a non-profit organization focused on art, advocacy, and culture.

Dieunurst Collin, Popeye's Kid

It's amazing how one meme can convey so many emotions: confusion, discomfort, and second-hand embarrassment. Popeye's kid, known as Dieunurst Collin IRL, dazzled the internet in 2013 after someone recorded his reaction and posted it to the now-defunct Vine. Eight years later, he became the star of his high school football team and won the New Jersey state championship. According to Mashed, he was bullied over his meme status but has since moved on from it. He plans on going to college and seeking a career in sports media.

Jslutty, Shocked Black Guy

A newcomer to meme culture, this image started catching steam this year. The photo features comedian Jslutty bulging his eyes out with his mouth open wide and hands behind his head in absolute (or exaggerated) shock. It's typically used to poke fun at someone or a group finding out about rather obvious information.

So what's Jslutty up to now? Well, he's a YouTuber, a successful social media entertainer, and a dad!

Shannon Sharpe Fit Checks

Ever wanted to feel proud about something shameful or embarrassing? Or show up for someone's downfall? The Shannon Sharpe meme is for you. The images feature the former NFL star in fitted suits and looking fly, and it was first featured in a March 2022 TikTok as a slideshow. Since then, it has blown up across TikTok, Twitter, and other Internet sites.

Sharpe has been working as a sports analyst and commentator since his retirement. This wouldn't be the last time the Hall of Famer became the face of reaction memes -- he even foreshadowed a flub on-air emerging as one.

Druski's What Did You Mean By That?

You can't go anywhere on Black Twitter without seeing this video. The meme features entertainer Druski, born Drew Dawit Desbordes, saying, "What did you mean by that?" while smiling and stroking his beard. He said this in response to rapper Grillz spitting bars about taking people's lives during an Instagram Live in December 2020.

Once the clip started getting reposted to YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok, the rest was history. It's currently used to question suspicious comments and activities, but Black people, in particular, love using the meme to side-eye underlying racism online.

Way before he became a hot reaction meme, Druski has been collaborating with popular music artists and maintaining his hilarious social media presence. He's still doing online antics, speaking with celebs, and hunting for artists for his joke record label, Coulda Been Records. Make sure to catch one of his Instagram Lives for amazing moments like his meme.

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