Doja Cat Is The Leader Of A Cat Mafia In Video For New Single "Rules"

The music video for Doja Cat's new song "Rules" delivers major Godfather vibes. Well, if The Don was a cat and human hybrid, slithered around with snakes, and twerked in front of the cars he set on fire. In fact, the "Rules" video proves that Doja Cat is more ruthless than the Godfather himself. She's not afraid to get her hands dirty.

The video begins with a slow-mo shot of Doja Cat strutting through the desert in a stunning purple lingerie set, fur coat, hat and clear pimp cane. She enters a luxurious white car where she meets a sleazy looking man in a suit. She casually throws hundred dollar bills at him in exchange for the large cardboard box he's holding. But when she opens up the box and sees three measly mice, she's enraged and her goons force the man out of the car and tie him up in the trunk. The man isn't seen for the rest of the video, but there is shot that puts us in his point of a view. We're lying at the bottom of the trunk and she gives us a maniacal little wave before she shuts the hood and proceeds to set the car on fire.

The plot of the video is a perfect match for the tone of the song. "Rules" features breezy neo-soul guitar and a straightforward beat which gives leeway for her relentless flow. Her blunt verses, sprinkled with a few nimble moments of sugary melodies, make it clear that Doja Cat is not one to be underestimated. The new song and video are fitting for Doja Cat's current standing in the music industry. While she made her way into public consciousness for her humorous hip-hop (see her 2018 viral hit "Mooo!"), she's an artist with some serious potential. If her debut album Amala wasn't convincing enough, she's likely to double down with her forthcoming album Hot Pink due November 8th.



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