3 Deaths on BART This Week Alone?!

The tragic attack on two sisters that led to the death of 18 year-old Nia Wilson is bringing out some scary info about the high attack rates on BART. It was recently reported that the violent attack on Nia and her sister was the THIRD VIOLENT DEATH just THIS WEEK alone. BART Police Chief Carlos Rojas told reporters that the law enforcement agency is investigating the deaths of one woman and two men that have all died from injuries they got either on the train or on the platform. That's stupid scary yo! One of the victims which was attacked at the Pleasant Hill BART station on July 18th died of an infection he received from a cut he got during an attack. Another man was caught on video punching a transient man to death on July 21st. Nia Wilson's was the third death this week.

Credit: Getty Images



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