Stockton Families Pit Bull Saves Baby From A Fire!

Copyright: Getty Images

A families pit bull puppy is  a hero after saving their baby from a fire!

On Sunday night, mom Latana Chai was in the backyard with their pit bull Sasha when she noticed the 8 month old puppy acting strange and starts to bark. After Latana goes to open the door she notices that a fire from her neighbors house has began to spread to her house. When Latana raced towards the bedroom to get her youngest daughter,Baby Masailah, she noticed that Sasha was already there. 

"I ran into the room and I see Sasha, she has my baby like by the diaper, just dragging her off the bed trying to get her to safety,"

Baby Masailah and Sasha have had a close bond since birth, only have being born a few days apart and now the family credits Sasha for warning them about the fire and helping save Masailah's life! 



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