Closing Filipino American History Month Highlighting These Filipino Talents

As we close out Filipino American History Month take some time to relive these This Mama Got Drama Moments that feature local, talented and creative Filipino American artists keeping the history, culture and arts alive while reminding the world that we need to be included at the table! We talk starting your own business, staying determined, hard work and honoring our elders as well as growing up mixed. Scoop up some of the gems that these superhero Mamas and even Dads are dropping!

Mama you belong on the runway! Fashion, Culture and History – cue the flashing lights + paparazzi!

You have an eye for looks that excite, always moving fashion forward? Have you ever thought my style belongs on the runway? Meet Lydia Querian, she is using her vision in fashion to share Filipino culture while honoring the art of weaving and the elders that came before her. Join us in this episode as we get a behind the scenes peek at her journey towards her debut at Paris Fashion Week. We talk about the excitement, the groundwork that got her company, Daily Malong, here and how she’s been able to bring her family along as she checks off accomplishment on her goals list. Lydia talks about how she gathered up the courage to leave a comfortable job to take a leap towards her true passion in fashion and now, this wife, mom of a beautiful baby girl, who is also expecting another has put her stamp on Fashion Week with more exciting things to come. Come along, let’s give flowers to this working warrior woman who was recently featured in Vogue as she celebrates her Filipino heritage while educating the world and making us look stunning!

Are you a New Mama Getting Back to Work?

We first intro’d you to our on of amazing team members from our digital team right before she went into labor with her first baby. Now that our Radio Sis Josie’s baby girl is here and she has settled back into work after maternity leave we hear about how her transition has been. What’s been the toughest to get used to and juggle while working from home and caring for her baby girl. She give gratitude for her village and we get to see her snap into a working mama right before our eyes. Join us for this journey as we get to experience the realness of working mama life!

Mama are you mixed and/or have mixed kids - what’s your world look like and how does it differ from your mixed baby’s?

There’s been a major shift in racial awareness, acceptance and harmony when you look through the lens of interracial relationships and families, but in 2023 there’s still a lot of work to do. Meet Georgio Reed a new dad to a beautiful mixed baby girl, who is also a proud Black and Filipino man. He joins us to talk about his part in the new documentary 1000% Me: Growing Up Mixed, which spotlights and celebrates Bay Area families that have more than one race/culture in their family. Georgio and his much younger brother are featured and they explore how different each of their experiences is and has been. We also talk about outer appearance and the tough convos that happen between mixed race children and their parents who may not see the world through their eyes. Also- why do people feel the urge to touch our mixed hair?! Listen in as we welcome 3 generations on our podcast at once for the first time when Georgio, his beautiful babygirl as well as his mom spiritual coach, motivational speaker and social justice activist Carolyn join us!

Mama: Do You Want To Start Your Own Business and Home School Your Babies?

Meet Paloma Concordia mom of 4, two of which are twins. She’s an Entrepreneur, PR Guru and Activist using her community connections to uplift, educate and preserve BIPOC communities’ rich history and culture. At the height of the pandemic she and her husband decided to home school their children, she learned quickly what worked for their family and despite the busy schedule of being a full time homeschooler she was also able to not only maintain the business she built from the ground up, but also experience growth in her business while helping others grow theirs! Join us for this conversation that starts with how can someone so little bring you so much love but make you SO angry!?

This Mama Got Drama – Father’s Day Edition with Nump

The convo on This Mama Got Drama features SuperHero Mamas that are breaking through obstacles, challenging their lives to achieve their goals and dreams while juggling full-time mom life, family and finding creative ways to carve out time for vital self-care. For the first time ever, we’re excited to feature Dads on our podcast – not only to celebrate Dads during Father’s Day Month, but also because us Mommies know we couldn’t do it without our village! Shouts to all the Papas, the Zaddies and Pops that are there for their babies and families, going above and beyond. Meet Nump one of the first dads to jump on with us as we explore his journey from rapper to businessman to CEO and community supporter. His journey is still unfolding before our eyes and if you don’t already know about him and his Grit Don’t Quit movement, you gon’ learn today! He has been successful in launching multiple businesses that not only promote health and wellness but also give back to the community and build opportunities for Black and Brown communities! He’s been making it all happen while raising his growing family. Nump says, “Having kids was the Game Changer to my success!” Tune in – and see how and why!

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