ICYMI-Get Caught Up w/ These Superhero Mama Episodes of This Mama Got Drama

Mamas, Grandmamas, Aunties - calling the village that works together to raise these little treasures into capable adults! Dads and father figures you're also welcome into this safe space where we celebrate mamahood, and give/get tips on raising these beautiful minis. Join us as we get encouragement and give flowers to Super Hero Mamas juggling all that comes with mom life while breaking through obstacles and crossing off their career goals! This Mama Got Drama and the drama is real! We're breaking through the emotions to win over our challenges! Share your stories at ThisMamaGotDrama@gmail.com.

The excitement is real for this episode as we finally got an opportunity to dialogue with another one of our radio sisters, who is not only a legend in the industry, but also a beast when it comes to Mommying (Don't grammar check! It's not a word, but a lifestyle!). You should already be familiar with her voice, opinion and sometimes shocking comments from either listening to her early in the am on weekdays on 106 KMEL, on her podcast on iHeartRadio or from back in the day through her radio career that spans decades where she was breaking records in cities from Texas to Central California! If you don't know her you'll get to know her and her parenting style in this episode of This Mama Got Drama. We talk bullying, raising kids through the teenage transition, being a super hero single mama and how she's doing it all while being a full-time career dream chaser. She shares that she had no choice but to get back to work when her baby was first born, meaning she missed major milestones like baby's first steps. Can you relate? Check out and share her episode below:

Join us as we welcome Danielle Banks – who if you don’t know, you’re about to get to know since her resume continues to grow and she steps into her role as mogul. She is a mommy of two young ladies as well as a new baby girl and while she’s shaping their growth her work with her non-profit Project Level allows her to help shape and guide Bay Area youth through the music business and media world. She also runs her own artist management company and has some exciting new ventures blossoming. We talk everything from pushing through your fears and stepping into your own light to making time for yourself so that you can be there for your family and for yourself as you breakthrough goals and chalk up more achievements! Listen and share the episode below:

Join us as we welcome a superhero mama that transformed her life and made it her business to help others transform theirs. Meet LaTasha Renee she’s the founder and owner of P2P – Pushups 2 Pinups Transformation center that is not only helping people transform their mental and physical but also helping them as they find their WHY to keep them motivated! She is not only an entrepreneur that launched it all while being a single mom, she is also now an author and starting her own non-profit. She takes us on her journey as she kicks off these new adventures, while she stays fit and helps others do the same! Stream and share her episode here:

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