Gifted 14YR Old Is The Youngest To Graduate From This South Bay University

Rear view of graduate in cap and gown

Photo: Getty Images

Kairan Quazi did it!!

He's got a lot to proud of as he becomes the youngest graduate from Santa Clara University at just 14 years old. His parents and family are continuing to applaud their genuinely gifted son as he gets ready to start his full time job as an Engineer at Space X. Let's celebrate our Bay Area Youth that reportedly started coding at about age 7 and after getting an IQ test before even turning 10, he and his family realized that he was so gifted, that it was time to transition into college at Las Positas in Livermore. By 11, his next stop was Santa Clara University, where's he's been getting more comfortable in his special abilities and making friends with students that can match his intelligence and are sometimes double his age. His classmates and teachers respect him and he even feels happy that he can help as a tutor, so they are also learning from him as his peer! Kairan took to his social media to let the world know he'd like to network with his colleagues and peers but he's too young to make the connection on LinkedIn, because their age minimum is 16. Although he's too young to get behind the wheel or actually have a full functioning Linked In profile - the world is ready to see what exciting and truly too cool for school accomplishments young Kairan will knock out the planet's atmosphere next!! GO head young man!!

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