Pervert Arrested After Groping Woman At BART Station, See Police Statement

BART has zero tolerance for sexual harassment!

An Antioch man has been arrested and banned from returning to BART after he was seen allegedly groping a woman at the Berkeley BART station. According to the BART Police Department, he also did the same to two other victims while fleeing the scene. He was later arrested nearby.

"The safety of women, girls, and all our riders are our top priority. We encourage all riders to report any form of gender-based harassment and violence so we can take appropriate action. All of our frontline employees, not just police, are a resource and will call BART police," the BART Police Department explained.

In 2020, BART teamed up with the Not One More Girl Initiative, an organization that focuses on "centering girls and gender expansive youth to reimagine safety for riders on BART." Learn more here.

If you experience or witness gender-based violence or harassment on BART, here are some things you can do to get help:

  • Call BART Police Dispatch (510) 464-7000
  • Use the BART Watch App to send messages to BART Police Dispatch
  • Text BART Police Dispatch (510) 200-0992
  • Use Emergency Call Boxes or the white phones on station platforms where available
  • Use the train intercom to contact a train operator
  • Seek a BART employee

Get more information on the incident below.

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