Church's Chicken Reacts To People Saying They're Copying Jollibee

Photo: Getty Images

There's some drama going on in the fried chicken world!

Church's Chicken recently posted a new video on their Instagram with someone enjoying some fried chicken and dipping it in gravy. However, some people were quick to comment that the fried chicken joint was copying Jollibee, who was recently named Best Fried Chicken in America by Eater.

Jollibee fans were commenting things like "Jollibee did it first and better" and "Get outta here with this LMAO. Jollibee has entered the chat." One fan even said, "If yall are intrigued by chicken and gravy from this post, please try Jollibee as well if you haven't already. [I know] that Church's Chicken has been around a lot longer, but they just recently hopped on the whole chicken and gravy duo."

Church's Chicken responded to several comments arguing that their establishment has been around since 1952.

Check out the post below!

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