More Monkeypox Cases - Here Are Some Things To Know About Monkeypox


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-Monkeypox is not a Sexually Transmitted Infection, but it can be transmitted through skin to skin contact with a rash or lesion as well as respiratory secretions during close physical contact. Pregnant women can pass it to their fetus and you can catch by touching surfaces recently touch by an infected person as well as bedding that might have been contaminated.

-Monkeypox is an infection passed from animals to humans, which makes it a viral zoonotic disease typically found in Central and West African tropical rainforests, according to the World Health Organization.

-Symptoms can last 2-4 weeks, with some cases more severe than others.

-In addition to reddish bumps and a rash, symptoms can include a fever and even swollen lymph nodes and these may present along with a range of other medical complications according to the World Health Organization.

-This current outbreak of the infection is making its way through the United States and Europe.

-In San Francisco the number of infected people continues to rise with numbers closing in on 300 cases and causing the city to declare it a public emergency. This declaration came in the same day as the one issued in New York.

-In most cases Monkeypox isn't deadly but it can present more severely if the person has underlying health conditions. Most people are able to beat it after a month, but in rare cases it can cause more deadly infections to be more problematic.

Be safe!

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