You Could Get Free Subway Sandwiches If You Get This Tattoo

Subway Settles Not-Really Foot Long Sandwich Litigation

Photo: Getty Images

How much do you really love Subway sandwiches?

Mega fans of the sandwich chain have the opportunity to get free sandwiches for life if they get a tattoo commemorating their love for Subway! According to the NY Post, Dj Tambe will be holding an event in Las Vegas on Wednesday in honor of the Subway Series.

One person will receive sandwiches for life if they get a 12" by 12" tattoo of the Subway logo.

Eight people will receive sandwiches for a month if they get a 2" by 2" tattoo or sandwiches for a year if they get a 3" by 3" tattoo.

Must be 21+ to get a tattoo. Tattoos are first come, first served on a walk-in only basis.

If you're not looking to get tatted up at the event, guests may still enjoy a free 6" inch sandwich from the Subway Series menu.

Get more information here.

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