Bay Area Elderly Followed Home & Pistol Whipped At His Front Door (VIDEO)

An elderly man was assaulted at his Fairfield home after leaving the bank.

In the video. the man is about to open the front door of his home when a robber approached and ordered him to empty out his pockets. Afraid, the elderly man was hesitant to comply and the robber began to pistol whip him and grab his belongings.

Fortunately, the man was not seriously injured. However, the robber was able to steal his phone, according to a neighbor.

"Lots of thoughts in my mind about I should, could and would have done but come to think of it this could have been my own dad or family. Thinking we’re in a safe neighborhood, but not anymore since it’s happening all over the Bay Area & California," the neighbor said.

*WARNING*: Video contains violence. Watch it below at your own risk.

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