Kanye West Honors Diddy At BET Awards, "If I Never Told You, I Love You"

When Diddy calls, you answer!

Kanye West made a surprise appearance last night at the BET Awards to honor Diddy. West explained that the Lifetime Achievement recipient had been a major influence on his life and his music.

"Back then there were so many rules to hip hop and [Diddy] broke all of them. And broke down all the doors. And understood contracts in a way that a lot of us still don't. Understood money in a way that a lot of us still don't."

West talked about how Diddy was his favorite artist and said, "This man was so famous, it was just good enough for me to be Chicago's version of Puff."

He then explained how important Diddy is in his life and expressed his gratitude by saying:
"I took a little hiatus... I just wanted to be off the grid and you know, Puff is pretty persistent... I should never have Puff have to call more than one time. Any of us in this room, if Puff ever need us, we need to jump and be there."

Watch his full speech now!

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