Achieving Excellence! These Young Ladies Will Motivate YOU!

Graduation cap on money

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Kassidy Parnell is prepping for college. Her decision might be tough but for a different reason. That is because she has been accepted to over 100 colleges and universities!! One thing she doesn't have to worry about though is how to fund her college experience - because she has also been offered close to $4.5 Million in Scholarships! GO head!!! I know she continues to make her parents proud and grateful that she has made their job as parents EASY!!

JuJu Watkins is one of the best on the rise female athletes - from the Class of 2023 she has reportedly been named the number one girls Basketball Player. A title that is not only indicative of her game on the court but her attitude when prepping off the court. She has recently become the first female athlete in high school to sign with LeBron James' agency for representation.

These young ladies are among many that are achieving excellence in 2022 - let's flash it back and give you a quick Black History Moment, that you may not know, where excellence was achieved in the entertainment world.

Ethel Waters is not only the first Black Woman to star in her own TV series, she also performed on Broadway, earning top wages. In addition to receiving various accolades, she was the first Black Woman to be nominated for a Emmy in primetime. As an Emmy winner and she is also celebrated as the second Black Woman to be nominated for an Oscar, her excellence paved the way for modern day actors, writers and creatives, such as Viola Davis and even Zendaya!

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