Elementary Kids In the 707 WALK OUT When This Was Yanked Off The Lunch Menu

Chocolate Stack

Photo: Getty Images

Admins at Sierra Vista Elementary School in Vacaville, reportedly, say they pulled the Chocolate Milk from their lunch time offering because of high sugar content. Once the kids, possibly on an angry sugar low, heard the news, they rallied together and said bump that, we need our lunchtime sugar boost. The students made signs by hand, walked out of class to protest and could be seen in masks chanting 'What do we want, CHOCOLATE MILK, when do we want it, NOW!'

After a calm and collected conversation between the students and the teachers, the teachers were able to remind the angered kids that although the milk is YUMMY there are other healthy options. The administration was reportedly, able to appease the students, at least for now, with a compromise to offer Chocolate Milk on the lunch menu one time every other week.

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