Woman Got A Surprise DM After Liking Girl's Photo On IG, "They Traumatized"

This woman took to Twitter after having an odd exchange with another woman on Instagram.

She was looking through her Explore page and liked another woman's photo. She didn't know the other woman and simply liked the photo with no intentions or thought in mind. Not long after, she received a DM from that woman saying, "problem?" Surprised, she went to Twitter and it became a whole thing.

She tweeted, "free the girls, they traumatized." Other women replied to the tweet, saying that the other woman's man is definitely cheating and all things alike. Others wonder why some women are so overprotective about their social media, but keep their profiles public.

What would you do if someone came at you foul for simply liking their photo, watching their story, etc?

See more below.

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