Buff Asian Guy Who Gave Dude A Beat Down At Astroworld Releases Statement

In case you missed it, there was a video going around of a guy continually taunting, harassing and even throwing a drink at a group of Asian guys at Astroworld. The group of Asians eventually had enough and went in on him... and it was all caught on video!

The video went viral and a lot of people (especially the ladies) took note of the buff, shirtless individual that some are referring to as "Goku" (shout out to Dragon Ball Z). Days after the fight took place, he reportedly released the following statement:

"Just want to start off and say that I'm so appreciative of everyone's support over these few days. Personally being involved in that altercation and having the spotlight on me from all the videos that surfaced, I want to say that I, in no way support violence in any manner."

He describes the incident as impulsive and believes the situation could have been handled better, saying:

"In the heat of the moment, we all had enough of that guy harassing us even though the crowd is just as much to blame. We all have our rights to stand up for ourselves, but please don't take our actions as an example on how to resolve a situation like that."

Lastly, he extends his appreciation for the support he received since the event and hopes that people learn to do better.

"Asians and any race for that matter, do not deserve that type of harassment. However, we can do better in treating each other right to prevent the situations in the first place. Love y'all and thank you again for the support and checkin in on me."

See the video and get more information below.

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