Ciara as TLC, Anderson Paak as Bruno Mars - Celebs that WON Halloween

These Celebs went all out with makeup and costumes to celebrate Halloween pretty much getting back to normal! Who was your favorite? Or did your costume outdo all of these?

The Weeknd was 100% committed as The Don himself!

Anderson Paak as Prince was timeless, he also dressed as young Stevie Wonder - but Andy as Bruno Mars wins!

Oh and she's NOT done- she's also been practicing her Spanish and wanted her costume to celebrate Latinx she is as Selena!

Chloe Bailey took it the animated world and looked flawless as Lola from Shark Tale

Lizzo had a few costumes too - but she was so juiced to hit the Thriller choreo as the Doll from Squid Game! Check her out as Baby Yoda THO!

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