Jhene Aiko Honors Her Asian Grandfather & His Fight For Equality

With all the hate in the Asian Community circulating, Jhene Aiko took some time out to honor and remember her Japanese American grandfather.

Jhene Aiko's shared the following:

My Grandpa Teddy was a Japanese American man from Compton, California. His grandmother and mother were both born in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. He was one of the best defense lawyers in Los Angeles and spent most of his life fighting for equality and justice for people that society had deemed as thugs and criminals. Everyone who knew him, loved and respected him. those who didn't, only saw an Asian man.
As a baby, I remember my mother crying one day because Grandpa Teddy was coming home from the courthouse and she was afraid he would be pulled out of his car and possibly beaten. We drove to his house as we watched buildings burn down around us. As i got older, I came to learn that day was during the LA riots.
My grandfather passed away in 2016. Today, I can't help but think about him and what he stood for. I can't help but think about the discrimination he faced daily having a black wife and 6 bi racial children (and 20+ mixed race grand and great grandchildren.) Grandpa Teddy fought for his family and his community until his dying day and I owe it to him to continue to fight for justice and equality for my communities as well.
It is up to ALL of us to make a change. To choose love over hate. To choose understanding and compassion. Getting to know eachothers' stories, we learn we are more alike than different. Not until we understand this will we truly see each other. Not until we truly see each other can we truly stand together. We have the opportunity to stop the hate NOW. #StopAsianHate #STOPAAPIHATE #tellourstories

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