Amazon Is Selling A Shield And Bat Nightstand Combo!

Courtesy: Amazon

Amazon is selling a bat and shield protection combo that can also be used as a nightstand.

This is the perfect household item to have, because not only does it look like unique nightstand, but it can double as bedside protection for if there was ever to be a situation that you would need to protect you and your family.

As the Amazon listing says it's features are:

  • This Bat and Shield Set can be helpful as self-defense accessories in order to visually warn the intruder that you are protected.
  • The bamboo material gives the Bat and Shield their effortless chic. As with all of our bamboo products, this one has been varnished to protect it against water and to make cleaning easy
  • It can be also a piece of modern designer furniture if you use it as bedside table. The staples can be used for cables.
  • Designer furniture tends to combine aesthetic & practical functions.
  • It is equally suitable for both a male and female bedroom.

Courtesy: Amazon


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