Vallejo Police Fatally Shoot Rapper

20 year old Vallejo rapper Willie McCoy, better known as Willie Bo of group FBG, was fatally shot in Vallejo by police Saturday night.

911 received a call by a Taco Bell employee saying there was a man slumped over behind the wheel in his car at the drive through. The call was made at around 10:30 PM, police arrived shortly after. According to police the car was on with the doors locked and they saw a handgun on his lap. As Vallejo police called for backup they saw that he suddenly moved. Police also said that the officers told him to “keep his hands visible” but he quickly reached for the firearm.

Six officers fired shots within four seconds, they did not say the number of bullets that hit McCoy. The officers continued to shout commands before removing him from the vehicle for medical assistance but he died on the scene.

Photo Courtesy: GettyImages



Now getting International attention, activist Shaun King put out an article about the Vallejo insident. There is also video of Willie McCoys family at the city counsel meeting.

SF Chronicle has released the dispatch audio of the incident, click HERE to listen


UPDATE 3/29/19:

Vallejo Police just released body cam footage from the scene. Below theres a link with multicam and the other with just one camera.



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