Happy National DJ Day from 106.1 KMEL!

It's National DJ Day so we thought it was only right to have our mixers from 106.1 KMEL to share any stories, skills, and tips they have acquired in their many years at the craft with all of you.

First off, Lexx Jonez wanted to give a special shout out to his uncle DJ Calvin from New Jersey for inspiring him to be a DJ. From a young age, Lexx wouldn't leave his uncles side, while he was DJing just so he could learn from him. 

Check out his shout out below! 


Next up we have the legend, SBC Rick Lee

Rick Lee has been in the game for many years, so we thought it was only right that he shows some of his skills by scratching some records! 

Check it out below! 


And last but definitely not least, we have BIGVON. He's been in the game for over 20 years and wanted to spread the knowledge to all the up and coming DJ's of the world by sharing his top 5 DJ tips!

Check it out below!


We want to give a shout out to all the DJ's out there. You all put in the work and make all the clubs and parties what they are. 

We appreciate you! 


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