Our Top 10 Favorite Moments Of 2018!

1. When we all wanted to blessed with Jennifer Lopez's incredible genes! 

2. This little girl didn't want anyone messing with her dad! 

3. When BBQ Becky called the cops on a family BBQing in Lake Merritt, the entire Bay Area was in an uproar. But the Bay did what it does best and banded together to throw a massive BBQ in Lake Merritt to show that racists won't stop them. 

G Biz from The Sana G Morning Show was out there to get peoples opinions on the whole situation. 

4. The Keke Challenge was the challenge of the year and it took social media by storm. But KMEL's own Larry Dorsey put a little Oakland twist on it! 

5. 2018 brought another big win for our Golden State Warriors and that means the Bay Area celebrates in a big way. Check out these fans celebrating a big win right outside the Oracle Arena. 

6. Our favorite couple showed us once again how relatable they are. 

Steph and Ayesha Curry literally chased down an ice cream truck to get some of their favorite childhood ice creams. 

7. The ONE time the people in the Bay Area were jealous of East Coasters because they get snow days and we don't. 

8.  Don't mess with sisters! Hennessy Carolina came to her sister Cardi B's defense and called out Nicki Minaj for giving out her sisters phone number!

9. Despite the highs of 2018, the Bay was also struck with tragedy. 

18-year-old Nia Wilson and her sisters were at MacArthur BART station when a man wielding a knife, injuring her sister and killing Nia. The Bay and the Wilson family are still fighting for justice for her, and hope the man involved will be rightfully prosecuted. 

R.I.P Nia Wilson 

10. Last but not least, Fat Joe wrote a touching birthday post to his firstborn, Joey. He went into detail about his fear as a first time father and finding out his son would have autism and how he was hesitant to share pictures of Joey because the world can be cruel. 

He went on to share how his son brings so much happiness to his family, especially to Fat Joe's parents. 

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