Bay Area Rapper IAMSU! Weighed in on The King of R&B Discussion!

Bay Area spitta, IAMSU! stopped by the Half-Baked Podcast with Cuzzin Dre to give his opinion on the whole "King of R&B" discussion. In case you've been hiding under a rock,  a few weeks ago R&B artist, Jacquees posted an instagram video proclaiming to be the new "King of R&B." As expected, the entire music industry had something to say about it. IAMSU! gave his honest opinion about the situation saying "Jacquees is entitled to feel how he wants to." Both IAMSU! & Cuzzin Dre agree that Jacquees is talented either way. 

Su, also talked about his brand new album Blessed, from production to how his mother was the inspiration for naming the album. Su tells a story about his most recent Africa trip & more! 

Check out the interview down below! 



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