#LilDuval Handles Weird Fan Without Having To Bring The Paws Out (VIDEO)

Warning: Explicit Language


While on stage living his best life, Lil Duval had to address an overly excited fan. The fan took it upon himself to not only jump up on stage but he then proceeded to make it weird when he took off his glasses and snatched up Duval's glasses. Just as he was about to put them on the record stops and rather than pounce on the fan, which is what you know he wanted to do, Duval clowned him and reminded him he's out here living his best life. Duval's serious about not wasting time going back and forth with foolishness. Check out the vid and Lil Duval's comment- he can't believe he's this famous! Hahaha! 

Has someone tried to test your patience lately? How did you respond? Were you able to continue living your best life without letting folks push your buttons?


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