Man Named Forrest Arrested For Causing Orange County Wildfires

A man down in Trabuco Canyon was arrested this week for suspicion of being responsible for the "Holy Fire" wildfire to run through the Cleveland National Forrest in Orange County this week. 

Once detained, he was charged with two counts of felony arson, felony threat to terrorize and resisting arrest. If convicted he can face life in jail. Dude should have been pretty easy to find since his name is actually Forrest! Forrest was arrested for burning down a forrest. Talk about actual self destruction...


Forrest Clark, 51, apparently had major drama with his neighbors over the past few years and even recently sent a letter into the volunteer fire department saying "This place will burn." Could they have taken a closer look at this and maybe prevent this act of local terror? Authorities still don't know how the fire was started, but they know the origin was around Forrest's home cabin. Of the 14 cabins in the area, Forrest Clark's home is the ONLY one left standing. 

Wow. Forrest Clark, you are our Clown of the Day, week and month for this. 


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