Bay Area Woman Gets Pricked By Needle After Taking A Seat On BART!

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Linda Quan was riding from Dublin to SF when she felt a prick from a needle when she sat down.  She looked and found a syringe along with other drug paraphernalia.  

She told KRON4 News,“When I felt that I got up and looked at what was poking me and I felt it and didn't know what it was and realized it was s syringe tip,” Quan said. 

The San Ramon mother of two is terrified that she has contracted something from the needle and for the next 18 months she will be worried.  

"After reporting the incident to the train operator and to BART police, Quan was tested for HIV and hepatitis. Now, she's on a month supply of drugs to prevent contracting HIV, she's getting the hepatitis vaccine, and she must get her blood tested every three months for the next year-and-a-half just in case she was infected with something from that needle."

BART has hired more police officers and are supposedly are working on prventing this from happening since they've had several victims be pricked by drug needles. 

So scary.  The fact that we have to worry about getting Hepatitis or HIV from seating on public transportation is terrifying and extremely worrisome. 

Do you know anyone this has happened too? Make sure to share this news with everyone you know, so they can be aware of what's going on! 

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