WATCH The Sexy Moment When KEHLANI Surprises This FEMALE Singer With A KISS


To close out her US tour Demi Lovato finished her run with a show in Newark. While doing a steamy dance sequence is on a moving bed, Demi received a nice surprise from KEHLANI who's been on the tour with her as her opening act. With the help of Demi's dancers Kehlani was able to sneak on stage and get the seduction going. She hugged her from behind and planted a short but steamy kiss on her lips. Check out the full moment below that was followed up by some mounting and grinding.


The ladies then took their social media to praise and thank each other for the time they spent on tour together. Check out their personalized messages to one another below. But you already know speculation has already started, saying these two are a couple. But you be the judge, are they crushing on one another, or just touchy feely friends? Should Kehlani's boo be worried?



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