Dentist embarrases teen who broke her retainer over Michael B Jordan pic!

Michael B Jordan - Photo Credit: Getty Images

Hormones are the real deal. So real, they'll make you break a retainer. 

A Tumblr user responded to a GIF of Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan featuring a shirtless Jordan as Killmonger. The user said that one of his patients clenched her teeth so hard during that scene in the movie, she snapped her retainer. 

He said, "That is the funniest f-----g s--t ever to me this tiny 17 year old girl thirsting so g-ddamn hard she busted steel." What's even worse? Allegedly, the 17-year-old who snapped her retainer saw the post and responded. 

She said, "Wait, This girl is me. That's my orthodontist's Tumblr. This is a post about me? I'm gonna kill myself." Hopefully, she won't. 


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