How Sway?! Little Boy Gets Himself TRAPPED Inside An Arcade Game!


We've all played the arcade game with The Claw thinking we had a clutch on a huge toy just to watch it slip right out of the claw that just doesn't quite grip tight enough! We've all for sure felt the frustration when the toy dropped out of the claw, which probably prompted you to try more than once if not multiple times because you really 'almost had it!' Well this young man said forget frustration of the claw and said I'm going in for MY TOY. He apparently climbed in through the shaft where the toy would fall out but couldn't fit back through the shaft to get out! He cried and yelled for help and emergency crews responded. They were reportedly able to get him out in about 5 minutes without causing him any injury or damage to the machine. How he squeezed in that tight hole, no one will know, but at least we now know for sure these games only have one way IN- do toys even come out these??? LOL!


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