Her Vietnamese Dad Wanted a Job, But Was Humiliated By HR For His English

On Monday, Emily Huynh from Seattle, tweeted out an email from her fathers prospective employer that has since gone viral. 

Hard to believe the HR manager felt comfortable sending this email but he did! Bruce Peterson, who is the HR Manager/Hiring Manager for Dash Delivery LLC, is now the target of online backlash because of his thoughtless comments.

Rightfully, Emily took to social media expressing her concern for not only her father and his feelings but also the unprofessionalism and passive aggressive racist comments Bruce Peterson expressed in his email. 

While Emily was upset, her father wasn't too fazed by the managers comments stating: 

“My dad told me that he isn’t that ‘hurt’ by it, but there’s a big stigma around Asian immigrant parents that deal with this all the time. They brush it off because they don’t understand the depth of the situation. People always use micro aggressions with or without knowing they do which is a big concern when it comes to the treatment of future citizens. I’m just disgusted,” Emily said.

Emily's father was laid off from his job 2 years ago and has since been searching for a new job. Prior, he was an overnight truck driver for 13 years. Since going viral, users are showing tremendous support to Emily and her father some even offering legal action to right this wrong.

Now, Dash Delivery has contacted the Huynh family and confirmed they have fired the HR Manager who wrote the racist email.

On another note, this email does highlight what some of our parents and immigrants who come to America face when applying for jobs they are qualified and sometimes overqualified for. People should be judged based on their work not their accent. Unfortunately, this still isn't the "America" we want it to be.

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