Seal Calls Oprah Winfrey A Fraud: “You knew about Harvey And Did Nothing!"

It looks like Seal had time today! After Oprah's epic speech at the Golden Globes, where she  spoke about sexual assault victims finally having the courage and platforms to speak out, and how men wouldn’t be able to keep women quiet anymore, Seal is calling Bull $h*t!


Seal took to Instagram to call out the hypocrisy of Oprah's speech. Harvey Weinstein, one of Hollywood's most notable and high profile sexual predators, was a close friend of Oprah Winfrey.  Seal called attention to the fact that Oprah admitted she used to bring women to Harvey Weinstein's home numerous times but believes nothing was wrong because they were all 21+. 


Looks like Seal and Oprah aren't friends. He has a point though if she did in fact know what was happening. Let me know your thoughts below.


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