Bart Fares Have Gone Up AND See How They Plan to Catch Fare Jumpers


If you're a regular Bart rider then you've already noticed the fare increase that went into effect as of January 1st. If you want to plan ahead you can use BART’s fare calculator to find out just how much more your ride will be.

In addition to the fare increase, paper tickets are on their way out, as of right now you're seeing an additional $.50 fee for using them as the BART System encourages riders to transfer to Clipper Cards. Good news for some riders as BART expanded the few discounts they have for youth up to 12 years old. Now, kids 18 or younger can get 50 percent off fares. Children four years or younger ride still ride for free and the senior discount will remain at 62.5 percent.

These aren't the only changes. Since BART experiences an estimated $15 to $25 million loss each year from folks hopping the gates and evading fares they have now brought Muni-style fare inspection officers to the BART system to bust gate-hopping riders who haven’t paid. If you that's you- beware the inspectors could catch and cite you at any moment!


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