Ayesha Curry on Why She Should Never Be Described as an “NBA Wife"

The internet is having a royal meltdown after a snippet from Ayesha Curry's Dateline interview was released. In the interview she discusses her success and what goes with being an "NBA wife."

Seemed innocent right? Apparently not! The internet seems to believe that because Ayesha chooses to be what she believes is a "good role model" for her daughters, she was slut shaming other mothers who do not have those same "traditional values." Here's what she said to ABC:

My family values are really, really important. When you’re a little more traditional, it’s almost shunned upon.

As a young mom, she recognizes that some of her beliefs are outside the norm.

“I’ve noticed in this day and age is when you’re a little more traditional It’s almost shunned upon, like if you’re doing something wrong,” Ayesha Curry said. “As a young woman, I want to keep those core family values alive.”

A few more quotes from ABC that has the internet going crazy:

Ayesha Curry is a mogul in the making.

“Obviously mom and wife first,” Ayesha Curry said of the many titles she juggles. “Those are the two most important titles.”

But one of the titles Ayesha Curry said she doesn’t carry “NBA wife.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever call myself that,” she told “Nightline” co-anchor Juju Chang. “I mean, I don’t think my husband would call himself ‘chef’s wife.’”

“One thing that my mom always told me was to never lose yourself inside of your marriage. I’m happy that I’ve been able to find that so-called balance and be able to pursue my passions and take care of my family,” Ayesha Curry said.

This of course, sent the internet into full fledged attack mode! Check out some of the reactions below!

So basically, by being what she considers traditional, working hard, and building her own empire, Ayesha wants to teach her daughters how to carry themselves "respectfully" yet show them you can have a  successful career while also supporting your husband.  I.E. she's not an "NBA wife," so don't put label limits on her.

 In my opinion, if her comments angered you, you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself why. Another woman preaching family first, independence and reserved sexuality isn't a reason to be mad at her. We should be celebrating her success and promoting her as a role model to young girls who are overly sexualized at young ages instead of trying to tear her down for words she never specifically said. Read the full interview here if you are interested.

 If you think otherwise, this last tweets for you. :) 

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