Hawaii ‘psychopath’ murderer escapes from state hospital, flies to San Jose


Apparently there's a "psychopath" killer on the loose in San Jose!


A patient missing from Hawaii State Hospital has a violent past, and his escape is once again raising concerns about public safety.

Police say Randall Saito, 59, left Hawaii State Hospital in Kaneohe at around 9 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 12, and never returned.

According to the Maui Police Department, shortly after his escape, Saito boarded a plane to Kahului, then caught another flight off the island.

Authorities say he is heading to Bay Area, and he has been referred to as a “psycopath.”

The U.S. Marshals Service is assisting with the search.

Saito was accused of murdering Sandra Yamashiro in 1979 at Ala Moana Center.

Police discovered her body sprawled in the front seat with multiple stab wounds to her chest and back.



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